Q & A

Answers to frequently asked questions



I sent my submission, now what?

Once we receive submissions, we will try respond to you as soon as possible. If we think that you may be a good fit with Noble Talent, we will contact you to set up an appointment. 

Why is availability so important?

By far, one of the most important factors in building a career as an actor (even for kids) is availability. We cannot stress enough how important it is for you to be consistently available for auditions in New York City. Auditions are typically given on very short notice (today for tomorrow). We understand this is not ideal, but it is flow of the industry.  This coincides with the need for complete schedule flexibility.  Constantly having to cancel auditions that we work very hard to get for you will not be tolerated. 

Why don’t you see talent between the ages of 16 – 18?

Ages 16 and 17 are known to us as the “danger zone.”  This can even include talent as young as 14 – 15, depending on stature and appearance.  For television, film and sometimes theater, production will hire “legal 18” to play younger – that way, they are not responsible for paying for guardians, tutors, child work permit fees, etc.  We typically recommend using that time to train and perfect one’s craft.

Why don’t you see adults without substantial credits?

It is extremely difficult to get adults in to audition without substantial credits.  In this economy, casting sessions are smaller than ever, and casting directors tend to call in talent that they know, or can see by a resume that the actor has experience.

What else is involved besides attending auditions?

Most actors, adults and kids, work with coaches or attend industry classes/workshops to hone their craft. Acting is a skill and therefore requires hard work to “get better.” When we meet with talent in our office, we can provide a list of reputable acting schools and help guide you to the right coach.  

Do you represent models?

We do not represent models. We do submit on some print work for our clients (commercial print) but it is not our focus. 

What is the difference between a manager and an agent?

Managers are sometimes known as the “hand holders” for talent. Our focus is on guiding the careers of our clients, advising in career choices and working as a liaison between agents, casting directors, producers and our talent. Agents are business contractors whose priority is finding the work and getting the jobs.  As a licensed manager, we also seek out employment opportunities for our clients directly. 

What if I already have a manager?

We do not audition talent that is currently under contract with another manager.  Having more than one manager (or agent) becomes a very problematic conflict of interest.  Overlapping submissions from various managers/agents tends to frustrate casting directors. It can also complicate the audition and booking processes, as well as deal negations.  If more than one manager/agent was to submit on a project and the talent was to book, the talent would be responsible for paying double commission; managers and agents do NOT split commission. 

What if I already have an agent?

We are open to seeing talent that already has agent representation, as long as the agent is manager-friendly. You should discuss your intentions of seeking out a manager with your agent before contacting us. 

Are there any fees for management services?

As per the industry standard, Noble Talent works solely on commission. There are never any fees involved for auditioning.  As compensation for our management services, the talent is responsible to pay 15% of gross compensation received during the term of the contract.  If there is an agent involved on the project, an additional 10% commission is owed to the agent. Talent is, however, responsible to provide their own headshots, transportation to auditions, etc. 

Do I need a headshot and resume?

If you do not have professional headshots and a resume to submit for consideration, we will accept a snapshot and list of experience.  When we sign talent, we further discuss the steps necessary to obtain the proper materials.  The headshot and resume is an actor’s business card and is very important to have when auditioning. 

What if I don’t live close to New York/New Jersey?

Unfortunately we do not represent talent outside of New York (including New Jersey and Philadelphia) or Los Angeles areas.  It is necessary for all talent to start with a general meeting at our office in New Jersey. All auditions will be in the areas listed above, so you must live in close proximity to make auditions on short notice.