Obtaining a work permit for your child is VERY important and should be done immediately.  Your child can NOT work without the permits required by New York State law. You can obtain a copy of the “Child Performer Permit Application” by going to The Division of Labor Standards-Child Performer Permit site.

Once the application is completed, you must mail it to the address on the form along with ALL the required documentation (as listed on the application document). 


IMPORTANT NOTE: The permit will be valid for one year – you will not be notified when the permit is about to expire, so we recommend noting it on a
calendar so you can resubmit the paper work a few weeks before expiration.


In the event you need the permit immediately, you can also obtain, online, a one time only 15-day permit for (first time applicants ONLY) here

 *We do not recommend that you rely on the online permit, but rather mail in the hard copy forms immediately to get your one-year permit.  The online permit that is being offered is only valid for 15 days.NO future/additional 15-day permits will be issued to your child, even if your previous permit has expired. All

permit renewals will be processed through the mail only. Failure to submit the documents in a timely manner could result in your child being unable
to work. 


Click HERE for more information on New York Child Performer Labor Standards.

For current clients

1. Make sure your RESUME is up to date.

If you are not sure that you’ve sent us your most recent updates, please email us a copy of your current resume, just in case! It is VERY important that we have your most up-to-date resume. We would not want to send an old resume that is missing credits when we push you to a casting director.


2. Make sure we have your current HEADSHOTS.

If you have not had headshots done in a long time, you may want to consider an update. It is good to have fresh headshots every few years. The style of the headshot should look current, and you should really feel happy with the shot you have. Your headshot is your business card, so it needs to be a solid representation of you! It is a key tool in obtaining auditions.


3. Log into Actors Access and check that your PROFILE is up to date.

When we submit on casting breakdowns, we use a system called Breakdown Services that allows us to connect to our talents’ profiles through Actors Access. For this reason, it is VERY important that you keep your Actors Access resume up-to-date. What you have on your end is what we have and are using to submit you to casting directors. When you update your Actors Access profile, please make sure you let us know so that we can update your resume on file, as well.

If you have a reel, it should be posted to your Actors Access profile. Once your video is added, we can include it with all electronic submissions.


4. Be ready to SELF-TAPE.

It is VERY important that actors know how to turn over a self-taped audition very quickly. You do not need to have studio-quality tools to do this, and can likely do it with whatever smart phone/device/computer you already have. Please let us know if you need details on how to do a self-tape.


5. Don’t forget to BOOK OUT.

Please let us know, IN ADVANCE, any days you are NOT available to audition. Otherwise, your availability is always assumed. It will be detrimental to you if you are consistently not available to make auditions, especially during pilot season when casting directors (and our office) are extra busy. I take book out dates up to a year in advance!


6. Have HARD COPY headshots and resumes ready.

You need to have a current resume attached (back-to-back) to your 8x10 headshot with you at EVERY audition. If you are going on an audition through our office, your resume should list OUR contact information, not your direct number and email. This is so that casting knows where to find you, and to not confuse how they got you there in the first place.


7. (For those under 18) Make sure your WORK PERMIT is current (links and details below).


What NOT to do:

-Do NOT post any details regarding projects or auditions on your social networks pages (or anywhere on the internet), as there could be serious professional and legal repercussions.

-Do NOT cold mail casting directors. Your post card will go right in the trash.

-Do NOT accept work from Actors Access without checking with us. We want to be able to help you verify that the job is worth your time!

-Do NOT Facebook request casting directors and agents (unless of special circumstances where you have an established relationship).

Work Permit

Important Reminders


Under 18 only
Under 18 only

New York State Law requires that fifteen percent (15%) of a child performer’s earnings to be placed in a blocked trust account. The child performer's parents or guardian must establish the Child Performer Trust Account to comply with this requirement. 

More information on this law can be found at the New York Department of Labor site HERE


15% of the child’s earnings will be directly deposited by production into their trust account; this money can not be touched by anyone until the performer turns 18.


The Actors Federal Credit Union provides free trust accounts that can be easily opened online (and followed up with the appropriate paperwork).  To open an account with the AFCU, click HERE


Your personal bank may also offer uniform blocked trust accounts. UTMA or UGMA compliant trust accounts are acceptable. The account may be opened with any bank, in any state, as long as it meets UTMA or UGMA requirements. For more information, please visit: http://www.sag.org/content/coogan-law


*You should provide Noble Talent with a copy of your trust account and work permit information, and always have a copy with you when going on set.

Trust Account